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close-up of cracked glass

Velux Window Glass Replacement 

​Are you having problems with any of the following?

  • Misted Velux glass units

  • Condensation on the Velux

  • Cracked or broken glass

If your existing Velux glass unit has failed or cracked, replacing it with a low-energy pane could help improve insulation and reduce energy costs. Our service engineers can provide advice on choosing the right type of glass, such as low-emissivity, self-cleaning, or solar control glass, to best suit your needs. With the help of our experienced fitters, you can extend the operational term of your Velux window while reducing your carbon footprint.

Velux window glass replacement services are the perfect solution for homeowners who are in need of a quick and reliable window repair solution. Whether you need to replace the glass in one window or many windows, Certified Installers has the services and products you need to get the job done right.


We offer a variety of styles and types of glass to fit any window in your home. Additionally, our experienced technicians can help you find the right type of glass to replace your existing windows. With our high-quality glass and experienced installation services, you can trust that your Velux window glass replacement service will be done correctly and quickly.

See below on how to get your precise quote 

Our service engineers will be glad to provide guidance on selecting the appropriate type of glass for you, from our standard toughened glass units to an upgrade to one of the following:

  • Toughened

  • Laminated

  • Triple-glazing

  • K-glass/Low-E/Soft coat

  • Argon gas filled

  • Warm-edge spacer bar

  • Self-cleaning glass


In order to provide you with a precise quotation, we will need the code located on the top right corner of the top sash, behind the ventilation flap. It should appear as follows:

Locate your Velux code

how to find your velux glass code

Ensure the code is on your quotation form

'Don't worry if you can't find the code, you can send us pictures or measurements instead'

We'll get right back to you with a precise quote 

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