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Family home with Velux windows

Expert Velux Installations in Alt

Certified Installers Limited excels in the installation, replacement, and repair of Velux windows, sun tunnels, and flat roof windows for both residential and commercial establishments across the Alt region.

20 Years


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Velux Window and Glass Experts in Alt

Certified Installers Limited excel in the installation, replacement, and maintenance of Velux windows, sun tunnels, and flat roof windows for both residential and commercial entities throughout the Alt area.

Leveraging more than two decades of experience, we are swiftly gaining a reputation as Altmost reliable Velux window installation and repair service. We are equipped to consult on any concerns you might have with your existing installations and can provide counsel on the most economical solutions.

Please feel free to call us on 0800 368 2988 or email us to recieve your free quote.

VELUX roof windows construct rooms that are visually appealing and filled with light.

We provide fashionable blinds customised to your individual style and requirements.

We substitute old windows with superior quality durable and well-insulated products.

We provide diverse styles and kinds of glass to accommodate any window in your residence.

VELUX INTEGRA® represents the pinnacle in windows, blinds, and shutter technology.

Our specialised team conducts the repair and maintenance of Velux windows with expertise.

Distinctive Excellence

Certified Installers Limited is distinguished for specialising in the maintenance and repair of Velux windows, catering to a varied customer base in the Alt area.

Our experienced team, with their extensive knowledge ensure each Velux repair is executed to the highest standards. We manage all extents of projects, from residential New Velux Installations, Velux Replacements, Velux glass replacement and Velux repairs to large-scale endeavors like industrial velux installations, commercial Velux Replacements and factory Velux skylights and rooflights.

What our Customers say 

Excellent service

“I would highly recommend Certified installers. I had a Velux fitted in a rural location in the Scottish highlands, excellent service and very happy”

Jess Mackinnon

They go the extra mile

“Had an issue with the weather for the last couple of appointments, which obviously can't be helped, the lads came today on thier day off and completed my new Velux as my old one was leaking really bad.
Really appreciate people going the extra mile”


Free Surveys and Quotes

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 368 2988 or email us here; we are consistently available and willing to make a visit and offer you a complimentary, no-obligation quote for any project or task you may have in mind for us.


We take pride in having many satisfied clients spread across the UK and are accustomed to managing and accomplishing large-scale contracts nationwide, delivering quality and satisfaction every time.

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Nestled in the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, Alt exudes the dynamic energy characteristic of urban living while retaining a distinct community spirit. Velux windows dot the skyline of Alt, offering glimpses of the bustling cityscape and framing the ever-changing skyline. Certified Installers Limited serves as Alt's trusted Velux window specialists, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of the vibrant local community. From skylight installations to Velux window replacements and repairs, Certified Installers Limited ensures that every home and business in Alt benefits from the superior quality and craftsmanship of Velux windows. Amidst the lively streets and bustling neighborhoods of Greater Manchester, the skilled technicians of Certified Installers Limited work diligently to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of properties, providing innovative solutions to maximise natural light and energy efficiency. In Alt, where the pulse of the city meets the warmth of community spirit, Certified Installers Limited remains committed to delivering excellence in Velux window installations and repairs, contributing to the enduring charm and vitality of this thriving urban landscape.

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